I am 38, i suffer with severe depression and anxiety, OCD, sleep problems, i have problems coping with daily life.

I have distanced myself from friends, i feel like they don’t understand me or what i go through. I haven’t got a life and can’t hold down a relationship.
I don’t do much, i struggling a lot and get tired so much.
I enjoy the gym and i need to lose weight, but i cant seem to get to the gym at the moment.

I am so paranoid that if i contact the hospital or gp they will put me away, i know the procedure, but my mother use to say she would put me away. (I know its from my childhood and a long time ago but i cant forget it)
I know the doctors can help, but i get so scared.
Also there isn’t much help out there.

To do anything i have to plan and prepare, its take a long time to prepare and organise. Very time consuming and stressful.

I use to have a mangers job, worked 60 hours a week, kept the house perfect saw friends and family, now i can go for weeks doing nothing. How life is very different now.

I have a problem with food i binge eat, normal crisps, i wish i could stop.