Do I try too hard


If really wish this was true!

Example: if I get a bad cold and it’s take it out on me  or I hurt my foot,  my depression gets worse.

I have tried with a certain group of friends to be myself and open up to them, i have known them over 2 years, but recently because I haven’t been well for a few weeks not just my depression they have stopped contacting me and not inviting me out.

I feel like I should be explaining how I cope and what’s going on again!
but really should I keep explaining what this illness does to me. Half the time I don’t know anyway.

I don’t expect them to know everything  (I dont)
I don’t expect them to call or message me everyday, never had it before and I probably wouldn’t cope its it did happen.

But when anyone is ill you would just message and say how are you? If you need anything let me know.

Or is it just me expect too much off others, i try hardest if someone is ill or going through a hard time I message them and send a little card in the post or try and visit them. 

Is it too much to think of someone else!