I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January i brought new trainers and February brought new gym clothes, so finally on Thursday February 25th i walked the 300 steps and attended the gym:):):):):):)

It took me till 3.30 pm to get there, my head went through a lot to get there,
I am fat and nothing i will do will stop that.
The staff at the gym will think bad of me.
I dont want anyone in the gym to talk to me.
The others in the gym will think i am fat and no hope.
I can go tomorrow.
I can start back up the weekend or monday.
What if i see anyone when i walk over.

When i got there the lady we served me just said “we havent seen you for a while, take it easy”

I managed 20 minutes cardio and some weights, when i walked back home i felt so tall. When i got home had some dinner relaxed and had a shower and went to bed i slept for 7 hours with only 1 time wide a wake.
It really does help. If only i can remember this everyday.

Well i managed to go the next day did weights and 15 minutes cardio.
Small steps of courage.