Renamed today as binge day

I cant stop eating then feel sick and crap then  eat again. Why cant i stop, i know i shouldn’t of brought the crisps and chocolate, why oh why!!
I wish i could get help, i start off so well, then my mood drops and i can’t stop eating.
They provide help to stop smoking, but not eating too much, i have tried to help myself.

I meet my friend for 2 hours, i felt very uncomfortable, sometimes feel like i have nothing to talk about. My mind works so fast when out with people, i am on edge, feels like i am on show to the world and they are waiting for me to fall to pieces.
I came back home and my body is shaking and feels like someone is winding me up, all i end up doing is eat and eat, i feel sick, mouth feels ruff and nasty and i feel sick but i still cant stop, i talk to al, my friend for 11 years and tell him, he is good he doesn’t get stressed he just tells me to sit on the sofa and slow down.

Its hard to describe how your body is running so fast and you are ready to blow up.
I am going to colour see if i can calm down.