My 1st day

Woke up, in pain all over my body, couldn’t move for a while.
6hrs sleep.
I had planned to go to the gym this morning clearly i cant, i get a cuppa and get on the sofa.
I keep looking at the clock and working out if i can go to the gym, but then get stressed working out/planning, then feel like a failure for not doing a simple thing.
I have agreed to meet a friend for a coffee at 10.30, ( i have cancelled so many times so i am trying to be a good friend and not cancell)  i have to have a shower as its been a few day! I have sat working out how i get there its only 1 bus for 10 stops but i still have to work out times and plan when to leave and what to wear so i look normal
( whatever that is)
In my head if i have done my hair and get dressed everyone will think i am ok.
Today is day one (again ) for my diet, i have had breakfast 🙂 one small step, i normally leave it till i am so hungry and eat rubbish.